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AKAAlso Known As
AKAAlpha Kappa Alpha (sorority)
AKAAttack Cargo Ship (Auxiliary, Cargo, Attack)
AKAAuthentication and Key Agreement
AKAAmerican Kitefliers Association
AKAAbove Knee Amputation
AKAAmerican Killifish Association
AKAAlcoholic Ketoacidosis
AKAAmerican Kennel Association
AKAApplications of Kleene Algebra
AKAAssociation of Korean Adoptees
AKAAll Kenyans Abroad (Kenyan record label)
AKAAnother Known Alias
AKAAlbert Kahn & Associates, Inc. (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
AKAAdvanced Knowledge Associates, Inc.
AKAAnarchistic Key Authorization (authentication protocol)
AKAAsociace Komunikaèních Agentur (European Association of Communications Agencies)
AKAA King Agency (insurance company; Arvada, CO)
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AKA-PLA: Enhanced AKA Based on Physical Layer Authentication
El AKA describes how a man in his 50s once tried to donate seeds.
Ownership within the AKA portfolio is a chance for both the local and international marketplaces to own prime real estate in New York City with unmatched amenities, hotel-like services and a rental program with a solid leasing platform.
Don't you think AKA could be seen as a campaign that practices duality?
Antikardiyolipin tromboz sendromu, lupus antikoagulan tromboz sendromundan cok daha fazla yaygindir ve lupus antikoagulani in vivo ortamda antikoagulan bir etkiye sahipken, AKA ters olarak arteriyel ve venoz trombozla iliskilidir.
Going up to the seniors is a new challenge for me, like starting all over again, and the AKAs is all about being quick," he added.
For example, if the AKAs raise $60,000, they are able to make grant recommendations for up to $90,000, which are supported by the Trust.
These standards are exemplified in the reception area where clients entering AKA are announced at a reception desk made of a unique blend of materials: Angola black granite, Anigre mahogany, brushed aluminum, and glass.
Over the past several years, AKA has established itself as a leader in the luxury extended-stay category, attracting a distinctive and loyal clientele that have or want to be in a different place for an extended period of time, whether for filmmaking, business, leisure or a lifestyle transition.
AKA can and will move into the future in parallel with the continuing story of Simple Minds.
A joint venture between Prodigy Network and Korman Communities has closed on AKA United Nations at 234 East 46th Street.