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AKADAntar Kerja Antar Daerah (Indonesia; Intergovernmental Working Inter-Regional)
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Sanharib became the champions of the league after collecting 13 points; Brayati ended the league as runners up after gathering 11 points; Akad won the third place with 11 points; Peshmarga placed fourth with only 1 point.
Dans une declaration a la presse, Akad a indique que la course etait tres tactique.
By Zakaria Muhammed | The Kurdish Globe With a large number of fans from both teams in attendance on Friday January 11th, Akad and Sanharib played their final game of the girls' Kurdistan basketball championship in Duhok's indoor arena in Duhok city.
Jeddah's Joseph Ubalde (center), Basa (small forward), Boyet Bautista (point guard) and Mursi Akad (shooting guard) and lone Riyadh player Roel Asay (power forward) made up the mythical five selection.
Grace a ce deuxieme succes, Ahansal a consolide sa premiere place au classement general, a 18min49sec de Aziz Akad, qui passe de la 5e a la 2e place.
Summary: Akad wins the trophy for the seventh year running
Mursi Akad had a breakout game for Friendster, leading all scorers with 37 points including a crucial three-pointer in the overtime period.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Bilgi University Professor Asaf SavaE- Akad noted on Thursday that the economy had already held risks for 2014 even if events such as the Gezi Park protests or the Dec.
Le tenant du titre, le Jordanien Salamah Al Aqra, rempile pour defendre son sacre mais ce ne seront pas les challengers qui manqueront, notamment les Marocains Mohamed Ahansal (4 succes), Rachid Al Morabity (vainqueur en 2011) et Aziz El Akad (2e en 2009 et 3e en 2012) ou encore les francais Christophe Le Saux (6e en 2012) et Abdelaziz Tayss (champion de France de Cross en 2008 et 2011).
Summary: Sanharib and Akad will represent Iraqi women.
Ron Magat top-scored with 20 points, Mursie Akad added 19, Salman and Christian Guimpatan each had 10 as Friendster jumped out to a 20-7 lead and continued to bury the enemy in an avalanche of baskets to win pulling away.
All the events, running from December 16-20, took place in Akad hall in Ainkawa, a Christian town in Erbil.