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AKANAfrikan Kultural Arts Network (est. 1991; Gullah/Geechee studies; Charleston, SC)
AKANArbeidslivets Komit Mot Alkoholisme Og Narkomani (Norway: Tripartite Committee for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Problems in the Workplace)
AKANAirman, Aviation Storekeeper Striker (Naval Rating)
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Table 1 presents one of the social dynamics that determine the type of name given to a person among the Akan of Ghana.
Winner of Elle Decor's 'Designer of the Year Turkey' award, Akan delivers high concept interiors and collections for his clients through e*rdemakan—a design and manufacturing brand of accessories and furniture.
Finally, analyzing the transformations of informal institutions of reciprocity and their implications on notions/definitions of citizenship among residents in the four Akan villages (chapters 7 and 8), MacLean points out that the institutions of reciprocity have and continue to change over time but that the changes are not the same in the two regions due to the "different legacies of state formation in political administration, social services provision, and agricultural policy" (p.
The Akan regard human and non-human forms of life as constituting a single, undifferentiating whole.
His works on conceptual decolonization using the Akan thought system as his basis are aimed at accounting for African self-identity.
European arrest warrants for Robb and his two AGA associates Tahir Soycan and Akan Kursat were first issued in 2005 by a Nicosia court amid allegations the three were trading in illegally acquired Greek Cypriot properties in the north.
discuss their observations about Taymor's style qualities in comparison to the art of Akan and Ashanti tribes.
As the most numerically significant group exported from Atlantic Africa's Gold Coast, Akan speakers concentrated principally in the British, Dutch and Danish Americas.
Akira Shinozuka, a 30-year-old man from Tokyo who traveled on the ferry in late July to go camping with his family on Lake Akan in Hokkaido, said the journey on the ferry was very comfortable.
We are also grateful to UNAIDS for sponsoring a review meeting on the first full draft of the report in Geneva, and to the following developing country policymakers who provided extensive comments at that time: Akan Akanov (Kazakhstan), Papa Fall (Senegal), Mary Muduuli (Uganda); and Jaime Sepulveda (Mexico).
The esthetic value placed on compactness has long been enshrined in the famous wooden sculpture of the prevailing ethnic group in this part of West Africa, the Akan, who sculpt muscular carved couples of men and women in a squatting posture, almost as if to emphasize their shortness.