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AKANAfrikan Kultural Arts Network (est. 1991; Gullah/Geechee studies; Charleston, SC)
AKANArbeidslivets Komit Mot Alkoholisme Og Narkomani (Norway: Tripartite Committee for the Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Problems in the Workplace)
AKANAirman, Aviation Storekeeper Striker (Naval Rating)
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Penjualan pakaian rajutnya meningkat dan akan meningkatkan stabilitas pendapatan.
The class of Akan non-possessive bahuvrihi compounds, which differ from the possessive type in not referring to the possessor of the denotatum of the compound, is so diverse in membership that is not easy identifying a common semantic feature that unites the members.
Finalmente, las lenguas de los africanos transportados a las islas Aruba, Curacao y Bonaire son tambien de la rama niger-congo, con una clara mayoria de lenguas kwa, principalmente del grupo gbe (como fongbe y ewegbe) y unas pocas variedades del grupo akan (como twi, fante y asante).
Camekan's Love Cups celebrate the history of glassmaking in Turkey but with whimsy and originality and Erdem Akan shows the edgier contemporary design at play in an ever evolving country.
This fact is expressed in these Akan, and Igbo proverbs which states that:
Gokhan Akan is a Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Yemeksepeti.
In order to comprehend first-hand the complex processes of socioeconomic and political transformation in the four Akan villages, MacLean adopted an ethnographic approach--living and participating in several village activities.
The Akan people live predominantly in the countries of Ghana and the Ivory Coast.
Freidel said his hypothesis was confirmed when his team of archaeologists found a figurine of the blue Moon Akan, a Maya death god that was held in special reverence by the civilization's kings.
com was established in 2001 by its current CEO Nevzat AydA[+ or -]n, CIO Melih Odemis, CFO Gokhan Akan and Cem Nufusi.
Kwasi Konadu's book on the Akan diaspora in the Americas stands out as a particularly informative and path-breaking contribution to the study of African diasporas in the Americas.