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AKAPA-kinase Anchor Protein
AKAPAntar Kota Antar Propinsi (Indonesian: Inter-Provincial Inter-City)
AKAPAwareness, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice (used in marketing Research)
AKAPAdam Kreiger Adventure Program (Hopkins School; New Haven, CT)
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The first part of the thesis reviews some existing lightweight AKAP for wireless sensor networks (WSN).
The second part of the thesis focuses on proposing a new user AKAP for ad hoc networks, tailored for the IOT environment [3].
In order to fill the gap and solve the problem, we developed a challenge-specific AKAP, which uses a rare four-step authentication model (Fig.
The protocol needs to be safe against all known and classified attacks against general AKAP and AKAP for WSN, thus we introduced the use of smart cards.