AKARTAll Known and Reasonable Technologies
AKARTAll Known, Available, and Reasonable Treatments
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The Akart white marble deposit is located in Osh region, it occupies 14.83 hectares of area.
Akart white marble deposit is situated in Nookat district of Osh province, in the northern foothills of the Alai Range.
For example, the preverb meg is written as one orthographic word together with the verb nez in (44a) but as an independent word in the synonymous sentence (44b), where it is separated from the verb by the finite auxiliary akart. Preverbs may even follow the verb under specific syntactic conditions such as negation or imperative clauses (45):
(66.) "Ebbol a levelbol azt lehet sejteni, hogy Beckett legalabbis ket okbol tert at a francia nyelvre: rovid tavon meg akart szabadulni Joyce nyomaszto hatasatol, vegso soron, hosszu tavon pedig le akarta rombolni, sot meg akarta szuntetni a nyelvet" (Szegedy-Maszak Mihaly, "Ketnyelvuseg a huszadik szazadi irodalomban" [Bilingualism in twentieth-century literature], in Ujraertelmezesek [Budapest: Kronika Nova, 2000], pp.