AKDNAga Khan Development Network
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The President was happy to note that AKDN has partnered India not only in social sector projects but also in restoration of historic monuments and urban renewal.
Inspired by the Islamic ethic of compassion and responsibility to care for the needy, the AKDN works for the common good of all citizens, regardless of their gender, origin, or religion.
Sayed Burhan who is one of the manjawar (a person who lives next to a shrine) says that when the Taleban entered the district they first attacked the shrine and a 300-year-old madrasa in its vicinity called Mullah Barat which AKDN had recently reconstructed.
AKDN specially focuses on Africa, Asian region including Pakistan, Afghanistan India, Bangladesh, North America and Canada, Russia and selected countries in Europe.
They say they were denied a meeting, but met with a representative for the AKDN instead.
The ability of key sponsor of the company, AKDN group, to foster synergies amongst its financial institutions operating in Pakistan -- HBL, NJI, and NJI Life -- is also a key rating factor.
The Award's mandate is different from that of many other architecture prizes: it selects projects--from innovative mud and bamboo schools to state of the art "green" buildings--that not only exhibit architectural excellence but also improve the overall quality of life," said a press release posted on the AKDN website.
The principal objective of this article is to study the plight of the minority Tajik Ismaili community in the northern province of Takhar prior to and during the civil war in Afghanistan, and explore the role of the AKDN in the process of rebuilding economic infrastructures in Takhar, as well as its efforts to modernize the community and facilitate its integration into the twenty-first century.
Having worked in Afghanistan in recent years, I've seen firsthand their efforts in these cities and in other areas of the country; AKDN is certainly to be commended, not only for this work, but also for its other initiatives to provide the basic necessities of life to struggling Afghans.
Together with economic and social development, it is one of three main areas covered by the AKDN, which is structured to reflect the Aga Khans belief in the interconnectedness of many of its goals.
Our experience of introducing new agricultural techniques, varying forms of micro-credit and support for skills development, especially for women, has proven successful here as in many other rural areas where the AKDN contribute to the revitalisation of the local economy and enterprise," said Princes Zahra.
Other AKDN initiatives underway in Mozambique include the construction by the Aga Khan Education Service of a high quality bilingual (Portuguese and English) school to cater to approximately 1,400 students, a training programme for officers in the public administration and support from the Aga Khan University for the establishment of a Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at the Catholic University of Beira.