AKEAArmy Knowledge Enterprise Architecture
AKEAAsociacioni per Kulture Edukim dhe Arsim (Albanian: Association for Culture and Education)
AKEAArabian Knowledge and Economy Association (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
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In the first phase different registered cricket clubs in Mandi Bahauddin District were visited and the players were interviewed and assessed for hamstring tightness; measurement of Active Knee Extension Angle AKEA with goniometer was used as an indicator of hamstring flexibility range.
Contrary to the allegations coming from Islamists in Turkey, AKEA is an institution which was expelled by the Kosovar UN administration in the aftermath of 9/11 because it was an al-Qaeda affiliate and received support from Saudi authorities.
AKEA translated Davutoy-lu's "Stratejik Derinlik" (Strategic Depth) into Albanian; it was published by FOCUS-A.
In 2012, Davutoy-lu, the Turkish foreign minister at the time, expressed strong support in Kosovo when he joined a ceremony marking the opening of the Yunus Emre Foundation; it was Ramadan; the official program included an iftar with the participation of Kosovar and Turkish authorities; but he broke his fast at the AKEA office while the guests were waiting in another place for the official program.
AKEA is an organization that is financed by TyKA, and with the support of KE-rE-at Mamat as TyKA's Kosovo representative, it has recently become Kosovo's most effective CSO.
Gashi, the head of AKEA's Prizren branch, openly acknowledges TyKA's support for AKEA.
The state-owned Yunus Emre Foundation admits its relations with AKEA on its official website.
How much [financial] aid has AKEA been provided with so far?
According to the Taraf report, TyKA has offered substantial financial aid to AKEA, with which the Yunus Emre Institute, founded by the Yunus Emre Foundation, has also ties.