AKEAArmy Knowledge Enterprise Architecture
AKEAAsociacioni per Kulture Edukim dhe Arsim (Albanian: Association for Culture and Education)
AKEAArabian Knowledge and Economy Association (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia)
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In the Akea Study, Michel Poulaina and colleagues looked carefully at the people who lived in an area of Sardinia that had an unusually high number of centenarians.
Foad, "Akea: an Arabie keyphrase extraction algorithm," in International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics, 2016, pp.
For diagnosis of hamstring tightness different physical methods like knee extension angle (KEA), sacral angle (SA), straight leg raise (SLR), and sit and reach (SR) can be used but the gold standard is active knee extension angle test (AKEA).8 The angle of knee flexion represents hamstring tightness and can be measured with a goniometer after active knee extension with the hip stabilized at 90 degrees flexion while lying supine.9
The terrifying encounter happened last Friday after Akea escaped from Hamerton Wildlife Park.
The cheetah, named Akea, escaped from Hamerton Zoo because of a faulty electric fence.
``People tend to throw backhand, so they will have to learn to throw forehand which cant akea few weeks to master, while there are the tactics to pick up too.
Erhan Akea is a research assistant in the Department of Soil Archaeometry at the University of Cukurova, Turkey.
Suspicions about the Association for Culture, Education and School's (AKEA) ties with al-Qaeda are not new.
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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- I announced in my previous column that the Culture, Education and Training Association (AKEA) and 16 other foundations and associations in Kosovo which the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TyKA) supported were shut down because of allegations that they were affiliated with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and al-Nusra.
BLONDE SNAPPER Flashed out oft rapsixandpac edup well tot akea couple ofl engths out of the fieldgoing i ntothe first bend,b ut was perhapsnotas fluenta s hem ight have been roundtheopeningturnsas he kepto ut wide.
The largest of them is the Association for Culture, Education and School (AKEA), which was frequently visited by Ahmet Davutoy-lu in the past.