AKFAga Khan Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland)
AKFAmerican Kidney Fund
AKFAustralian Koala Foundation
AKFAustralian Karate Federation
AKFAcute Kidney Failure
AKFAktivkohle (German: Activated Charcoal; filter/canister)
AKFAlabama Kidney Foundation
AKFRefrigerated Cargo Ship
AKFAutomatic Kaos Foundation (art and music collective)
AKFAuthorization Key Failure (gaming)
AKFAverage Kalman Filter
AKFAtkinson Koven Feinberg (various locations)
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For decades, charities like PSI and AKF have raised private donations to offer a helping hand to patients in need across the country.
Please know AKF is so grateful for this partnership and your support.
As a teacher and a parent of a former AKF student, I know this firsthand.
AKF instructors also teach another popular course, Farming as a Business, which features value-chain analysis, business planning and how to establish economic interest groups.
Prince Nawaf bin Faisal bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz, Deputy General President of Youth Welfare, Vice-President of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee and Head of Mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Asian Games 2010 hosted by the Chinese city of Guangzhou received in Guangzhou today the President of Asian Karatedo Federation (AKF) Kuang-Huei Chang and a number of officials of AKF.
In such a scenario, I was expecting the AKF helicopters to be helping the victims of the landslide, but was shocked to see no sign of them when I made a request to take me on their next sortie to the area.
Foster-a-Koala perks include: a welcome letter describing your gift-recipient's koala, a photo of the koala, a personalized Foster-a-Koala certificate with the koala's name, stickers, an AKF supporter card and AKF newsletters and bulletins.
In the 20 year history of the AKF, this is the first we have heard of a blue-eyed koala in captivity.
The AKF survey, which was conducted with almost 700 social workers from dialysis centers and transplant centers who were working with more than 58,000 kidney patients, approximately 15% of the total number of kidney failure patients covered under Medicare Part D.
The Dorlastan acquisition will allow AKF to strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer of synthetic elastic fibers and expand its geographical presence.
But the idea of killing a large number of koalas to keep the species' population in check has some people, including the AKF, in protest.