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AKIAcute Kidney Injury
AKIAuthority Key Identifier (digital certificates)
AKIAnti Knock Index (fuel octane ratings)
AKIAugust Krogh Institute (Denmark)
AKIAcademie Voor Kunst En Industrie (Dutch: Academy of Art and Industry; Netherlands)
AKIArbeitsgemeinschaft der Deutschen KI Institute
AKIAdvanced Knowledge International (Australia)
AKIAssistent Kliminstructeur
AKIAlaskan Independent Party
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Connacht centre Aki lamented Ireland's heaviest loss under head coach Schmidt, conceding only a back-to-basics approach will now suffice.
Described as the "silent killer" because it can often be diagnosed late and is hard to predict, AKI involves sudden damage or decreased blood flow to the kidneys that is often treatable.
'Baby Aki and how his father struggled to sell banana cakes were an inspiration to the Kabataang May Sipag at Malasakit (KSM) ...
Baby Aki was a 1-year old boy from Laguna who was diagnosed with biliary atresis last October 2018, a rare liver disease.
"In view of the foregoing, we wish to inform all insurance intermediaries and the public in general that with effect from July 23, 2019, all insurance policies will be bought on a cash and carry basis,'' AKI said.
BioPorto A/S (CPH:BIOPOR), an in-vitro diagnostics company, announced on Saturday that the company has received an Additional Information (AI) request letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the application for regulatory clearance of the NGAL Test for risk assessment of acute kidney injury (AKI) in critical ill patients under the age of 22.
Although AKI patients complicated with oliguria have been successfully treated by high-dose furosemide, the therapeutic effects remain controversial.5 In this study, we assessed the effect of high-dose furosemide on patients with early AKI complicated with acute pulmonary edema, aiming to provide valuable clinical evidence for mitigating the symptoms and improving the prognosis.
In this study, we aimed to demonstrate the frequency of the development of AKI following LPN in patients with healthy contralateral kidney and determine the early predictive effects of serum NGAL levels on ischemia--reperfusion injury and its association with WIT.
Aki suffered a head injury in the same match and he is continuing his recovery with the Ireland medical team.
[6,7] In keeping with the spectrum of changes seen in AKI, a diagnostic classification scheme was developed.
A cute kidney injury (AKI) is a common complication after cardiac surgery that represents a spectrum of minor changes in serum creatinine (SCr) or a brief period of oliguria that may progress to acute tubular necrosis requiring renal replacement therapy (RRT) (Shaw, 2012).