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AKIAcute Kidney Injury
AKIAuthority Key Identifier (digital certificates)
AKIAnti Knock Index (fuel octane ratings)
AKIAugust Krogh Institute (Denmark)
AKIAcademie Voor Kunst En Industrie (Dutch: Academy of Art and Industry; Netherlands)
AKIArbeitsgemeinschaft der Deutschen KI Institute
AKIAssistent Kliminstructeur
AKIAlaskan Independent Party
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Connacht have not won at Thomond Park in 29 years and the underdog tag has long suited Connacht, but Aki and his teammates are ready to be the target now.
Causes of AKI: Across both physician groups, infection (sepsis) is the leading cause of AKI.
Aki might get to that point where you can't even tell if she's living or not.
AC607 is a promising therapeutic candidate for AKI, for which effective therapies are greatly needed," said Richard J.
The AKI "Global Snapshot" is the first in a series of landmark projects to be released by ISN under the 0by25 initiative, a human rights initiative aimed at eliminating preventable and treatable deaths from AKI worldwide by 2025.
Report co-author Professor Donal O'Donoghue, a consultant renal doctor in Salford, Greater Manchester said: "At least a thousand people a month are dying from AKI due to poor care.
Pimachiowin Aki, the name of the proposed World Heritage site located in northwestern Ontario and eastern Manitoba, means "the land that gives life" in the Anishinbe (Ojibwe) language.
But Modry has done very well and I don't think we've ever seen Aki this good.
Singer and song writer Aki Starr's new single "The Closer I Get to You" has made top 10 dance, club and DJ lists for its electrifying dance mix and dub step globally.
1] Because no therapy exists for AKI, clinicians must focus on prevention and early risk assessment.
The current standard for identifying AKI, plasma creatinine, is nonspecific and insensitive (14, 17, 18).
We want to be closely involved in the development of the nomination to UNESCO and in the future management of this potential new World Heritage Site," Chief Frank Young who joins representatives from Pikangikum First Nation of Ontario, the Manitoba communities of Poplar River, Pauingassi and Little Grand Rapids and the Manitoba and Ontario governments on the board of directors of Pimachiowin Aki Corp.