AKISAgricultural Knowledge and Information Systems
AKISAlkohol Koordinations und Informations Stelle (German)
AKISAnthony Keenan Internet Services (web design)
AKISAnderson Kill Insurance Services, LLC (New York, NY)
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The closing event was attended by parents, senior Qatargas managers as well as AKIS students and staff.
Akis Zambartas had been a leading authority of Cyprus wines.
Akis oversaw every part of the winemaking process at Zambartas Wineries and is also credited with reviving and promoting some of the native grape varieties.
Akis Pattalis died way too young, and in totally unexpected circumstances -- peacefully in his sleep following complications from hip replacement surgery.
Lizzie, originally from Weoley Castle, Birmingham, was holidaying in Wales last Christmas when she fell for engineer Akis at a family party.
Then, last week, Akis, 34, whisked Lizzie away from the ruins for a romantic night out.
Akis, who was also on holiday, was handsome and charming and, like me, had just finished with a long-term partner.
Lizzie, one of four sisters, said: "I was at home dozing on the settee while Akis was at his workshop a few miles away.
Zia Ur Rehman President ISPO Pakistan and Sarwar Iqbal senior Physiotherapist AKi emphasized that awareness regarding CP was very important.
Through his articles published by AKI, and his in-depth reports and stories for the various dailies he worked for, Syed Saleem Shahzad managed to bring to an Italian audience the complex reality of that region of the world of which he was an acute and intrepid observer.
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