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AKMArmy Knowledge Management
AKMApogee Kick Motor
AKMAtaturk Kultur Merkezi (Istanbul, Turkey)
AKMAgjencia Kosovare e Mirëbesimit (Albanian: Kosovo Trust Agency)
AKMAngry Korea Man (Warcraft 3 Personality)
AKMAutomated Key Management
AKMAbhandlungen für die Kunde des Morgenlandes (Papers for the Oriental Consumer - German Oriental Society)
AKMAssistant Kitchen Manager (restaurants)
AKMAvtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovannyj (assault rifle)
AKMArdans Knowledge Maker
AKMAfter Kickoff Meeting
AKMAmerican Killing Machine
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The AKM said the Korean Medical Association (KMA) has ignored the National Assembly's recommendation of talks to resolve the issue by refusing to attend meetings.
The AKM has been closed to the public for the past 10 years over disagreements regarding its renovation and infrastructure.
Lyginant su DGR ir AKM, SGR strukturos filtro dazniu ruoze integruota isejimo triuksmo vidutine kvadratine verte yra mazesne atitinkamai ~2,9 ir ~20 kartu igyvendinant Cebysevo filtrus bei ~2,5 ir 8,8 kartu igyvendinant Legendre filtrus.
This Mk47 AKM was furnished with a Magpul MOE pistol grip, and to the rear of the receiver, a Magpul CTR buttstock resides on a six-position.
SPECIFICATIONS CMMG MK47 MUTANT AKM Manufacturer: CMMG, 660-248-2293, www.
The AKM clustering algorithm starts with the selection of K elements from the input data set.
This advanced level of integration allows the AKM to be used in most machine-drive and precision-positioning applications in the food and beverage industries.
These seem more balanced that we'd expected-we kind of figured the AKM would beat the M16A3.
AKM Medical currently represents 16 primary care physicians and 87 contracted specialists and serves more than 2,100 patients.
Since its launch of the world's first 3-axis electronic compass for portable appliances, the AK8970, in 2003, AKM has continued to develop its leading-edge technologyfor successive product improvements.
Bangladesh imports most of the raw materials, mainly yarn, at a higher cost from India as revealed by AKM Salim Osman, President of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), and adds, "this achievement is remarkable as the industry worked hard despite erratic supply of power and labour unrest that often temporarily disrupted production.