AKMAAsian Knowledge Management Association (Hong Kong)
AKMAAustrian Krav Maga Association
AKMAAlbrecht-Kemper Museum of Art (St. Louis, MO)
AKMAAssociation of Kenpo Martial Artists (Burbank, CA)
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Hong Youngseon, "Akma F.kuseu Sageon', Nuga Keureul Akmaro Mandeureoseulkka [phrase omitted], NOCUT NEWS (Apr.
Nevertheless, Dr Nor Akma said overall, the total number of people becoming regular blood donors still stood at two per cent - a figure which was relatively low compared with the number of regular blood donors in developed countries.
(1) Nur Akma Mahat, (1) Norinsan Kamil Othman, (2) Fathul Karim Sahrani, (1,3) Mohd Nazri Idris
Akma Mohammad Noor said her sister, Rahimah, was on the flight, coming home for the first time in years to mark the Muslim festival of the end of Ramadan.
Adam (Akma), un sacerdote de la Iglesia Episcopaliana, formado en Yale Divinity School y posteriormente profesor en Seabury-Western Theological Seminary en Evanston, IL.
(24a) *ka mancwa lunkhwak=na 1SG[NOM] water[NOM] stone=INS lept-u-n=ha throw-3P[PST]-1SG=NMLZ.NSG Intended: 'I threw a stone into the water.' (24b) ka lunkhwak mancwa=be lept-u-n=na 1SG[NOM] stone[NOM] water=LOC throw-3P[PST]- 1SG=NMLZ.SG 'I threw a stone into the water.' (24c) *ka nda=na mancwa lept-u-n=ha 1SG[NOM] 2SG=INS water[NOM] throw-3P[PST]-1SG=NMLZ.NSG (24d) *ka nda mancwa=be lep-nen=na 1SG[NOM] 2SG[NOM] water=LOC throw[PST]-1>2=NMLZ.SG Intended for both: 'I threw you into the water.' Another verb showing this alternation and the mentioned restrictions is akma (stem: akt) 'kick'.
Distribution of Chhatthare Limbu vowels phoneme Initial position Intervocalic Final position position /i/ ikma 'to twist' sima 'to die' si 'He dies.' /e/ ekma 'to be broken' sema 'to urinate' se 'He urinates.' /[??]/ [??]kma 'to soma 'to scatter' s[??] 'He winnow' scatters /a/ akma 'to be s[??]ma 'to sa 'He drops uprooted' escort' somebody.' /[??]/ [??]kma 'to be s[??]ma s[??] detached' 'to cry 'to mix and 'He kneads.' loudly' mould' /o/ okma 'to scratch' soma 'to itch' so 'It itches.' /u/ ukma 'to bring' su:ma 'to touch' su 'He is lazy.' Table 5.
Jahan TA (1), Islam AKMA (1)*, Rasul MG (1), Mian MAK (1) and MM Haque (2)
Hossain AKMA, Raison RJ, Khanna PK (1995) Effects of fertilizer application and fire regime on soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen, and nitrogen mineralization in an Australian subalpine eucalypt forest.
We would thank Clinical Research Centre, Kuala Lumpur for all the support especially to Ms Lena Yeap, Noor Akma Hassim and Tee Chin Kim from CRC, Kuala Lumpur who had handled the data well for this report.
Alastair Cook hits out watched by Pakistan's wicket-keeper Kamran Akma. Cook scored 110, but his England colleagues failed to back him up with the bat