AKMSArab Knowledge Management Society
AKMSArtificial Knowledge Management System
AKMSArmy Key Management System
AKMSAndros Karperos Middle School (Yuba City, CA)
AKMSAcquisition, Technology, and Logistics Knowledge Management System (US DoD)
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All of the AK rifles used in the film began life as semiauto Egyptian Maadi AKM rifles.
Firearms included in the shooting range tests and the designations of individual firearms Firearm Designation Type Walther P99 firearm 1 pistol Glock 17 firearm 2 pistol PM-98 Glauberyt firearm 3 submachine gun Remington 700 firearm 4 rifle Mossberg MMR firearm 5 tactical rifle Mossberg 500 firearm 6 shotgun AKM firearm 7 rifle
"Across the water, when the Provisional IRA were in their pomp, they had specific types of AKMs they would use which were from Romania, via Colonel Gaddafi.
There, just over the fence, just-relieved cadet sentries would unload, clear and check their shiny AKMs. The loud clunking of bolt carriers would alert us that the show was about to begin, and we would watch quietly through the half-inch gaps between the wooden planks.
(33.) Yokoyama K, Sugano N, Rahman AKMS, Oshikawa M, Ito K.
(36.) Haque WMM, Khan AR, Nazimuddin K, Musa AKM, Ahmad AKMS, Sarker RSC.
Defense Acquisition University's Knowledge Sharing team has developed a Web site where users can view short videos describing all of the systems that make up the AT&L Knowledge Management System (AKMS), as well as other information in the form of briefs and online tutorials.
AKMS was fielded to the Army under the umbrella of the objective National Security Agency Electronic Key Management System; the AKMS fielding has involved several LCMS software upgrades.
To my disappointment, however, the weapon advertised was not a classic AK47 but rather a modernized version of the gun called the AKMS. Gone was the swept-back wooden shoulder stock; in its place, a minimalist steel frame folded beneath the receiver.
Making it an impotent motorized infantry that cannot move or engage successfully in close combat (less than 1,000 meters) and is pinned down in the face of mere urban insurgents with AKMs (Kalashnikovs, etc.), RPGs and roadside bombs?
The Artificial Knowledge Management System (AKMS) model (see Figure 2) was based in part on the types of communities that were envisioned at the time.