AKNSAl Khaleej National School (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
AKNSAblowitz-Kaup-Newell-Segur system
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Dubai: GEMS Al Khaleej National School (AKNS) is now recognised as an American school.
AKNS achieved the remarkable feat of being recognised as an American school through collaboration, commitment, perseverance, and strong partnership with parents.
AKNS also attained several important milestones in 2018 including a 'Good' rating in the latest DSIB inspection, which was contributed to by the school's significant progress in student external exams or MAP results.
There have had already a lot of researches on AKNS hierarchy for it is a representative integrable hierarchy [21, 22, 28].
President AKNS apprised the Prime Minister about the problems expected to be faced by newspaper industry after the implementation of PPRA rules in AJK besides increase of advertisement budget for state newspapers in Press Information Department (PID AJK).
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Among the well-known soliton hierarchies are the KdV hierarchy, the AKNS hierarchy, and the Kaup-Newell hierarchy [1].
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The hierarchy we discuss here corresponds to a somewhat different splitting of an algebra of [sl.sub.2] loops that with respect to the usual decomposition yields the AKNS hierarchy.
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