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La Tabla 4 presenta los valores de fenoles totales para la pulpa y aceite, los cuales son bajos, si se compara con otras frutas como la papaya en la que se encontro un valor de 57,8 mg GAE/100 g, el nispero con 56,9 mg GAE/100 g y el higo con 61 mg GAE/100 g (Pande & Akoh, 2010).
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Advances in the cultivation of oilseeds have caused considerable disproportion in the natural balance of the contents of LA and LNA and the average consumption of LNA has fallen considerably during the last hundred years (Akoh & Min, 2008).
The concentration of unsaturated fatty acids in low melting point fraction of milk fat was greater than the original milk fat (Kim and Akoh, 2005).
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Overwhelmed by the response at the event, Ufuk Akoh, the export manager for Pinar, a Turkish marble company, said: "The Arab region in general, uses marble in various buildings ranging from houses and apartments o mega-projects and we are working with many companies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait to export our products to these countries."
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Ademas esta es una caracteristica importante en enzimas que poseen motivos conteniendo Serina (Akoh et al.
In the words of Dennis Akoh the execution of the feminist vision in the African plays "exposes the chimera and hypothetical nature of feminism within a culture that places high premium on the family system and its values" (59).
Se ha demostrado que muchas de estas especies presentan componentes esenciales para una dieta adecuada, compuestos bioactivos importantes que podrian usarse en nutraceutica, farmaceutica y otras aplicaciones (Johns, 2004; Pande y Akoh, 2010).
El almidon es un biomaterial altamente hidrofilo, de bajo costo, biodegradable, y naturalmente renovable, que desempena un papel importante en la industria alimentaria y se utiliza como materia prima para preparar diferentes productos en industrias como la de los plasticos, cosmetica, textiles, papelera, farmaceutica, entro otras (Akhilesh V, Nath, & Anudwipa, 2010; Yanjuan, & otros, 2014; systemyan, Jiaying, Jia, Wenlong, & Chungu, 2014; Akoh, Chang, Lee, & Shaw, 2008; Penaranda Contreras, Perilla Perill, & Algecira Enciso, 2008; Rodriguez & Emeje, 2012; Sivoli, Perez, & Rodriguez, 2012).
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