AKOSHAlaska Occupational Safety and Health
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The two divisions are separate entities under the same roof, and they share a common mission: "to work in partnership with Alaskan employers and workers towards the elimination of workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths and to assist employers in complying with state and federal regulations relating to occupational safety and health," according to the AKOSH Strategic Plan for 2014-2018.
Companies who want to be proactive can sign up with AKOSH to have their sites inspected as a way to determine what needs to be done to keep employees safe.
In addition to visiting the site, AKOSH interviews the employer and employees to determine concerns.
Companies that partner with AKOSH and achieve SHARP status are likely to experience fewer workplace accidents and reduced workers' compensation insurance costs.
VPP Merit sites earn exemption from AKOSH general schedule surprise enforcement inspections for three years.