AKPIAAga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture (Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
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execution of the akpia capital overhaul of the tg4 turbogenerator and performance of modernization works of the akpia turbogenerator tg3 at pge energia ciepla sa coast branch in gdansk - elektrocieplownia gdanska, Ul.
Replacement of agitators with accessories, Extension of platforms and connection of power supply and akpia. 5.
5 in dolna odra power plant; Part iv - carrying out an overhaul of the electrical part and akpia of unit no.
Construction of a sewage network: A) pvc piping sn8 dn200 - 4 343.80 m, B) pipeline (controlled screw) pehd rc dn200 sdr17 - 459.90 m, C) pehd pipeline dn90 sdr17 - 1 103.7 m, D) dn425 pp / pvc inspection wells - 96 items, E) concrete inspection housings dn1200 - 86 items f) sewage pumping station dn1500, Concrete with power supply and akpia - 2 pieces, G) dn1200 expansion well concrete - 2 pcs h) pipeline (pilot operated) hdpe rc dn90 sdr17 - 59.3 m 2.
Contract award notice: Repair of AKPiA boilers OP-230, OFz-450, WP-120 and turbosets and auxiliary economies in EC Zeran Warsaw together with the supply of all necessary materials, spare parts, apparatus and equipment.