AKPSAssociation of Korean Political Studies (various locations)
AKPSAplichau Kaifong Primary School (Hong Kong)
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The analysis finds that contrary to the clash of civilizations narrative, the academic discourse from the West, the Muslim world and Turkey tends to present similar ideas on and around the Turkish model through various phases of the extended AKP rule in Turkey.
Key Words: Turkish model, comparative discourse analysis, clash of civilizations, AKP
The Anatolian tiger has galvanized its hinterland, the real base of AKP. The government has won three successive elections, engaged in structural reforms in its EU quest, even reduced the risk of military coups and weak coalition governments.
Following an initial period marked by a credible membership prospect (2002-2004), AKP faced the EU's reversal of credible political conditionality due to the Union's increased emphasis on conditions other than the political criteria (i.e.
The paper seeks to explain AKP's overall trend of compliance rather than the adoption of specific reforms under the various aspects of the political criteria.
The AKPS has been shown to be easy to understand and takes only a few minutes to complete (Bennell et al 2000).
Reliability, validity and sensitivity to change: The AKPS has good test-retest reliability.
It appears that evidence is lacking on the reliability and validity of some of the outcomes used in PFPS; it was concluded by Crossley et al (2004), that the VAS and AKPS are seen to be the best for validity and responsiveness.
These ties, however, have been cultivated during the past decade of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) rule.
The victory of the Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi (AKP, Justice and Development Party) in 2002 changed the Turkish party system by finishing the existence of older parties which dominated Turkish politics in the 1980s and 1990s.