AKPSAssociation of Korean Political Studies (various locations)
AKPSAplichau Kaifong Primary School (Hong Kong)
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The AKPS has been shown to be easy to understand and takes only a few minutes to complete (Bennell et al 2000).
Reliability, validity and sensitivity to change: The AKPS has good test-retest reliability.
The FIQ was seen to be the least responsive and should not be used in an outcome for PFPS, while the AKPS was seen to be one of the most valid and responsive outcome measures for PFPS (Crossley et al, 2004).
It appears that evidence is lacking on the reliability and validity of some of the outcomes used in PFPS; it was concluded by Crossley et al (2004), that the VAS and AKPS are seen to be the best for validity and responsiveness.
The proposal is intended to resolve certain liquidity issues previously disclosed by Aker Philadelphia Shipyard ASA (AKPS), for AKPS to continue its 12-ship newbuild program.