AKRIApplied Knowledge Research Institute
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14] we used [greater than or equal to]33% decrease in serum creatinine after intervention as confirmation of AKRI following consultation with our local nephrologists.
AKRI is the Research and Development arm of Blackburn College.
The Ishi wedges fit nicely into the Akris presentation, which "was inspired a lot by Japan," explained Steiger.
Akris was admitted to the rarefied world of Paris' Chambre Syndicale, the regulating body of the French fashion industry, in 2000 but waited four years before joining their semi-annual, headline-generating fashion shows.
Today Akris is the largest apparel producer in Switzerland--"by far," says Kriemler, who, abiding by traditional Swiss secrecy, is not about to divulge the company's turnover.
The bulk of the Akris collection, as well as the younger, lower-priced Akris punto line, is manufactured in Mendrisio, in Ticino.
Surprisingly, Akris is better known in the United States than in Switzerland.
Kriemler chose Boston as the first location for a freestanding Akris boutique, setting up shop on fashionable Newbury Street in 1997.
The growth of Akris in the United States has been very organic over the years, without the bells and whistles that are so common in this highly promotional market," observes Ms Brown, who was formerly the senior vice president of Giorgio Armani.
Akris devotees are found on both sides of the political spectrum.
Currently things are going very well for Akris in Asia, with boutiques in Tokyo and Seoul, and Kriemler is eyeing Hong Kong as an entry into the burgeoning Chinese market.
Albert Kriemler from Swiss fashion company AKRIS was granted in addition a Merit Award for his tireless performance for Swiss Design.