AKSMAmerican Kidney Stone Management (Columbus, OH)
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This dismissal occurs less than one year after the government informed AKSM of its investigation.
Among its other businesses, AKSM is a management company that oversees the day-to-day operations of physician-owned lithotripsy companies.
Subsequent to this CID, the government partially unsealed a complaint that revealed that AKSM and hundreds of other defendants were under investigation and alleged, among others things, that AKSM's business model was flawed and beyond the bounds of the law.
The full complaint had been under seal until it moved to dismiss the action against AKSM and all defendants in its entirety on August 23.
We believe that other lithotripsy centers will follow the lead of HealthSouth and AKSM in coming to recognize the distinct advantages offered by LithoSavant and how well these tie in with the broad range of services UroCor provides to urologists," concluded Hagstrom.