AKSTAlaska Standard Time
AKSTAgricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology
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AKST started operation of its second production line in 2016 to meet rapidly growing demand for spunbond for diaper applications in Asia.
While investing into AKST it is highly recommended to look into agro ecological \ organic farming practices which will slow down the process of land degradation.
Others caution against excessive pessimism regarding the job-destroying power of new technologies and argue that the recurring theme of 'automation anxiety' (Akst, 2013) in debates about work is not justified by the evidence.
These distractions take the form of playing computer games, texting, e-mailing, checking social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, twitter), surfing the web, or shopping online (Akst, 2010; Burns and Lohenry, 2010; Campbell, 2006; Heffernan, 2010; Rajeshwar, 2010).
playing computer games, emailing and texting, engaging in social networks, surfing the web and shopping online) - leading to underperformance in learning (Akst, 2010; Burns & Lohenry, 2010; Campbell, 2006; Hefferman, 2010; Rajeshwar, 2010).
The result is a work that sheds light not just on a particular disorder but on the human condition that gives rise to it." DANIEL AKST
Lee Akst, a laryngologist and director of the Johns Hopkins Voice Center in Baltimore, told the Los Angeles Times.
(See the video at right for more on this cluster.) In keeping with the WQ's emphasis on historical perspective, we asked Daniel Akst to revisit the automation crisis of the 1960s, the last period in which new technologies seemed to pose a great threat to American workers.
A number of recent opinions/editorials have described the general problems with peer review and illustrate the nature and extent of concerns: "Is Peer Review Broken?" (McCook 2006), "End of the Peer Review Show?" (Henderson 2010), and "I Hate Your Paper" (Akst 2010).
Daniel Akst writes about this in his book "We Have Met the Enemy: Self-Control in an Age of Excess" and notes it affects all types of behavior such as eating, drinking, irresponsible credit purchases, smoking, and sexual promiscuity.
Two more zones have since been added: Alaska Standard Time (AKST) and Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST).
“Collaboration was a recurring theme among this year's top-ranked institutions,” said The Scientist editor Jef Akst. “It's clear that scientists value the accessibility of fruitful partnerships to enhance their research.”