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AKTAuto- ja Kuljetusalan Työntekijäliitto (Finnish Transport Workers Union)
AKTAdvanced Knowledge Technologies (project; UK)
AKTAlbert Kennedy Trust (UK)
AKTAdams Kara Taylor (engineering firm; London, England, UK)
AKTAutomatischer Kassentresor (German: automatic cash desk vault; used in german banks to secure money at counters)
AKTApprentice Knowledge Test
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AKT has more recently been identified as a key player in promoting "synaptic plasticity," the brain's ability to strengthen cellular connections in response to experience.
Majority of the patients who were electively operated after a few months trial of AKT where those the lesions did not resolve with treatment and thus resulted in incomplete symptom improvement.
Phosphorylation of p27 by AKT, causes cytoplasmic retention, ubiquitination and degradation of this inhibidor15 (Figure 1A).
Our International Business Division has been scoping likely partnerships in the region for a while, especially in the trade and commodities segment, and we saw a lot of potential in AKT.
AKT Altmarker Kunststoff-Technik GmbH of Gardelegen (AKT), a Germany-based auto parts supplier, is planning to start its operations in Saltillo, Mexico.
Djanik Fayziev, a partner in Moscow production company Film Direction--behind Russia's latest movie blockbuster World War I epic "Admiral," which has notched more than $37 million since its release in early October--says formation of AKT was overdue.
And when Pten faults coincide with faults in another protein called APC, then a protein called AKT stimulates tumours to become aggressive and they are then more likely to spread.
The protein called AKT is triggered when another, called Pten, is faulty and coincides with a third protein known as APC.
The AKT and the Road Transport Employers' Association (ALT) are expected to respond to the proposal for a settlement by noon local time on Wednesday.
The protein attaches to another protein called AKT, interrupting the creation of nitric oxide.