AKTPAlcoa Kobe Transportation Products, Inc. (dissolved 1996)
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In the normal cell, the activities of AKTp do not induce the translocation of FOXO3a from the nucleus to the cytoplasm.
This is due to the fact that, in AML, there is a decrease of PIP3 level, a protein phosphatase that plays a role in the dephosphorylation of AKTp [8].
Next, we will see the effect of phosphorylation of FOXO3a on the other proteins, such as PIP3, AKT, and AKTp. Figures 5 and 6 show the comparison of PIP3, AKT, and AKTp concentration in the normal cell and AML cell.
Figure 6 shows the differences between AKT and AKTp behavior in the normal cell and AKT and AKTp in the AML cell, respectively.
As shown in the numerical simulation, the key components in driven AML cell are high levels of PIP3, AKTp, and FOXO3ap, that is, inactive FOXO3a in the cytoplasm.
Caption: Figure 6: Dynamics of AKT (a) and AKTp (b) in normal and AML cell.
The syntax of telicity involves several functional projections (AspP, FP, and AktP) that have different syntactic feature specifications.
Suppose also that the properties of Asp[P.sub.[+EM]] and [Asp.sub.[+EM]]/FP are harder to learn than those of AktP. This assumption seems to be entirely plausible, given that telicity is "computed" in the former projections, whereas it is simply checked via [V.sup.0]-to-[Akt.sup.0] movement in the latter.
Second, let us assume that the properties of AktP are acquired early and Asp[P.sub.[+EM]] can remain underspecified in child language for some time.
As I discussed earlier, stative predicates in F/G/D are consistently used in a finite form, which is an expected development if AktP is acquired earlier.
The properties of AspP in Slavic are most likely akin to the properties of AktP in English (or F/G/D) in that a perfective (or imperfective) specification is checked by the verb via head movement to Asp (see Slabakova 1999, 2001 for a specific implementation of this idea).