AKTVAalborg Kristne TV Varieret (Denmark)
AKTVAndy Kralik Television (Cape Coral, FL)
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According to Mitch Padua, Smart head for Internet Products, the PBA on AKTV mobile app is now available via free download on the Google Play online store and soon on the Apple App Store.
The league will now also hold matches at the McKinley Hill all-weather artificial turf in Taguig, which means less disruptions in the schedule as the UFL is the priority in the facility, while TV broadcaster AKTV will be giving the league more exposure by airing two match days a week.
"We're excited with the football season and the continuing partnership with AKTV," said UFL chair Santi Araneta.
Contract notice: Digeetalizakija Zemljikega Ktastr Archive, Archive Ktastri Testn Digeetalizakija Stwb Arhiwa these Digeetalizakija Doavnih Aktv Prostorskih.
There will be a sports-oriented showcase by IBC with AkTV, with the likely presence of PBA stars, Azkals and Volcanoes.
hlzati aktv rendszer LAN hlzati kapcsolk, vezetk nlkli hlzati elrst biztost rendszerek, routerek szlltsa s zembe helyezse, rendszerbe integrlsa;
I was watching these two PBA legends on AKTV Central and was terribly impressed with their insights and analyses of the games between Talk 'N Text and Rain or Shine.
FSP Hexa+ 500 W 500 W,1 x FAN,12 cm, Aktv PFC / 10;
"I just wanted to give my 100 percent for the team when I was sent in," Caligdong said in Filipino during a phone interview with TV5's AKTV Center, which covered the game in Manila.
A tervezendo plet s ptmnyfejleszts clja a sportolshoz s aktv szabadido eltltshez a Lover Strandfrdo korszeru talaktsa s a szolgltatsok minosgi fejlesztsnek megvalstsa.
The fights will be aired on AKTV on IBC 13 on the same day starting at 8:30 p.m.
zemeltetsi szolgltats A nyertes Ajnlattevo feladata a kzvilgtsi berendezsek aktv elemei zemkszsgnek biztostsa, mukdokpessgnek ellenorzse, az ezzel kapcsolatos zemviteli, karbantartsi, zemzavar- elhrtsi feladatok elvgzse, a mukds kptelenn vlt aktv elemeknek a cserje.