AKWAtomkraftwerk (German: Nuclear Plant)
AKWAmphibian King West (Ireland)
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Therefore, in present study, we aimed to investigate the relation between AKW and CAVI in order to determine whether increased AKW would reflect subclinical atherosclerosis in asymptomatic hypertensive patients.
The Pearson and Spearman correlation analysis were used for assessing correlation between AKW and other variables.
There was a significant correlation between AKW and CAVI (r=0.45, p<0.001), age (0.39, p<0.001), systolic (r=0.17, p<0.001), diastolic (r=0.23, p<0.001) and mean (r=.2, p<0.001) blood pressures (Table 2, Fig.
Prosecutors say AkW sent two laptop computers, two telescopes, two pencil torches, two Swiss army knives and a tent to Waziristan in northwest Pakistan on different occasions in the past two years, and that these equipment were meant for Islamist militants in Pakistan.
The prosecutors also claim to have found a message on AkW's computer in Urdu that he sent to Mustafa al Masri, an Egyptian alleged to have been the financial chief of al Qa'eda before he was killed in a US drone airstrike in Pakistan in May.
AkW told the court that he categorically denied any terrorism charges, and said all his actions were done out of goodwill.
According to CSR's National rating scale, KIC's rating of 'Akw' reflects the standing of the company's credit worthiness relative to its domestic peers.