AL10Argon Laser for 10 Seconds
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Previously Li et al10 reported most frequent age of onset between 4 and 8 years (42.4%) and Liu et al7 reported most frequent age of onset between 5-14 years (48.4%).
Similar positive correlations were documented by other authors including Hopkins et al10 and Bjork2.
In such cases, the criteria that Timor-Tritcsh el al10 defined are very useful for early diagnosis.
Still another study conducted by Gautam et al10 has given male to female ratio of 1.7: 1 and the common age group involved was 31-40 years.
This figure also proves that Al10 nanocomposite presents the best shielding behavior.
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This is supported by Stevenson et al10 who described primary squamous cell carcinoma identified on light microscopy and subjected to ultrastructural analysis.
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It was followed by alanine produced by UAF AL10 in an amount of 5.8 g/L after 72 h.
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