AL3Automation Level 3 (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development)
AL3Adaptation Layer 3
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albus eels, from populations introduced into open waters in Florida and New Jersey, for the presence of AL3 to determine their ability to host endemic or introduced Gnathostoma spp.
Characteristics of artemether-lumefantrine tablets and artemether injection sampled Sample code Country of origin Strength Date of (ART/LUF) mg manufacture AL1 Switzerland 20/120 1/10 AL2 India 40/240 8/10 AL3 India 20/120 11/09 AL4 Ghana 20/120 9/10 AL5 India 20/120 3/10 AL6 India 20/120 5/10 ARTJ * India 80 mg/ml 7/10 Sample code Expiry date FDB registration AL1 12/11 NA AL2 7/12 NA AL3 10/12 Yes AL4 8/13 NA AL5 2/12 NA AL6 4/12 NA ARTJ * 6/13 NA * Artemether injection; ART = Artemether; LUF = Lumefantrine; FDB = Food and Drugs Board, Ghana; NA-Not available.
Subjects AB3, AH2, and AL3 made untrained responses on 5.
For details contact Pressplan Travel, 17 Verulam Road, St Albans, AL3 4DA.
Send your order with cheque/PO to: The Mirror, Cordless Door Chime Offer, PO Box 550, Markyate, Herts AL3 8QP.
I'm sending pounds 200 and donations can be sent to: Peter Williams, Treasurer, Marcus Nunn Histiocytosis Association, 2 St Stephens Close, St Albans, Herts AL3 4AB.
AgencyConnect processes and normalizes policy data sent by agents via ACORD AL3 or XML and securely transfers it to Quincy Mutual's back-end systems--enabling agents to submit a new quote, complete an application or make an inquiry on an existing policy.
Execute logic natively on Hadoop to take advantage of Hadoop performance for a variety of formats, including ACORD XML, DTCC, AL3 and EDI.
PR Contact: Fiona Leslie Communications Management Calverton House 2 Harpenden Road St Albans Herts AL3 5AB +44-1727-733884 http://www.
The book is available from Blenheim Press, 35 Market Place, St Albans, Herts AL3 5DL, priced pounds 18.