AL3Automation Level 3 (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development)
AL3Adaptation Layer 3
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Abuzar et al3 in their study showed that reasons given by dentists to restore SDA include restoration of posterior support (78.3%), improvement of mastication (77.7%) and for prevention anterior tooth wear (72.6%).
Christensen et al4 reported haemorrhage in 0.88% of post-ERCP patients and Freeman et al3 reported hemorrhage in 2% of their post-ERCP with sphincterotomy for all patients.
"AL3 has regularly canvassed supporters and sought their opinion, as have organisations like Supporters Direct.
Family flowers only please, but if desired donations to Richard Thomas, 7 East Common, Redbourn, Herts, AL3 7ND.
In parts of Asia, wild-caught and aquaculture-reared swamp eels (Synbranchidae: Monopterus spp.) are widely consumed as food by humans (1-3) and are a common source of human gnathostomiasis, a foodborne zoonosis caused by advanced third-stage larvae (AL3) of Gnathostoma spp.
IVANS Download enables insurance carriers to electronically deliver information to independent agencies through agency management software systems in AL3 or XML data format.
The PRO 890A WB Wheel Balancer features an automatic electric break; wheel guard; auto start; self diagnosis and self calibration; Static AL1, AL2, AL3 balancing modes; high-precision machined spindle and superior bearing for precision balancing; is changeable between gram and ounce, as well as changeable between millimeter and inch; and currently comes with a free XL cone (valued at $149) that fits larger pickup trucks (e.g., F350).
Artemether-lumefantrine tablet brands AL2, AL5 & AL6 contained an overdose of artemether (> 110.0%) whereas AL3 & AL4 were underdose (Table 8).
Atraves da tecnica de indice de soma de classificacao de Mulamba e Mock (1978), em que se consideraram altos valores para as variaveis massa do fruto, massa da polpa, percentagem de polpa, SS, acidez e SS/AT e baixo pH, os genotipos IN9, CZ9, AL3, CA8, CZ5, CA1, AL8, IN1, AL4 e CA2 podem ser indicados para aproveitamento industrial.