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ALACEAssociation of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators
ALACEAutonomous Lagrangian Circulation Explorer
ALACEAssociation of Local Authority Chief Executives (UK)
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Provisional Certification as an ALACE Childbirth Educator
The basic technology of the float has been used for several years in the nonprofiling ALACE, which simply provides velocity information.
Gina joined the ALACE staff as the Workshop Coordinator immediately after graduating from Simmons College in June of 2005.
You can download a GoodSearch toolbar, so just create a shortcut to GoodSearch on your desktop, so that every time you do you a search you can benefit ALACE.
And then, six months later, there I was--just graduating from college and being hired at ALACE as the Workshop Coordinator
Circumstances in my life necessitate decreasing my hours to halftime and ALACE requires a full-time Director.
The ALACE staff has always been made up of women very passionate about empowering women and transforming birth in North America.
At the time I was given the opportunity by the wonderful women at ALACE to put out a request in Special Delivery for healing thoughts and prayers for Happyanne's recovery.
ALACE would like to thank Candace and Jennifer for their wonderful work and their patience and persistence in running this terrific study group for so long.
Beyond my own raving, I can assure you that I have talked to several ALACE birth professionals in the past few weeks who are also raving about Minelli's CDs and talking about the impact her work has had on their business.
Many of you, especially ALACE Childbirth Educators--certified or in-training--have been using the peer-support Yahoo study group.
Any ALACE member * who refers someone to an ALACE training program--the Labor Assistant/ Birth Doula training or the Childbirth Education Program--will receive a $50 ALACE gift certificate ([dagger]).