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ALADDINAutonomous Learning Agents for Decentralised Data and Information (disaster management)
ALADDINAdvanced Large Area Detector Developments in InSb
ALADDINAstronomy Large Area Detective Development in Indium Antimonide
ALADDINAtmospheric Layer and Density Distribution of Ions and Neutrals
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She gave Aladdin the message, adding: "He may wait long enough for your answer
Aladdin mounted his horse and passed through the streets, the slaves strewing gold as they went.
But Aladdin refused, saying, "I must build a palace fit for her," and took his leave.
She was charmed at the sight of Aladdin, who ran to receive her.
After the wedding had taken place Aladdin led her into the hall, where a feast was spread, and she supped with him, after which they danced till midnight.
Next day Aladdin invited the Sultan to see the palace.
Aladdin, knowing that their task was vain, bade them undo their work and carry the jewels back, and the genie finished the window at his command.
But far away in Africa the magician remembered Aladdin, and by his magic arts discovered that Aladdin, instead of perishing miserably in the cave, had escaped, and had married a princess, with whom he was living in great honour and wealth.
He determined to get hold of the lamp, and again plunge Aladdin into the deepest poverty.
Unluckily, Aladdin had gone a-hunting for eight days, which gave the magician plenty of time.
Now this was the magic lamp, which Aladdin had left there, as he could not take it out hunting with him.
He again put it down to enchantment, and this time the Sultan believed him, and sent thirty men on horseback to fetch Aladdin in chains.