ALAEAAustralian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association
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Steve Purvinas, ALAEA federal secretary, pointed out that the last time that the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company (HAECO), performed heavy maintenance on a Qantas 747 jet, the plane was released to service "with all four engines incorrectly bolted to the airframe."
Qantas entered into negotiations with the ALAEA and AIPA in August 2010, and with the TWU in May 2011, in a defensive position, seeking to remain competitive in an increasingly difficult climate in the global aviation industry.
However, ALAEA union secretary Steve Purvinas told the BBC yesterday: "We can't continue to gamble with people's lives and allow those aircraft to fly around and hope they make it to their four-year inspection."
"The airline is playing dirty pool with our members by threatening them for taking lawful industrial action," ALAEA Federal Secretary Steve Purvinas said.
Lula's chocolate sea salt caramels have a mix of natural salts sprinkled on top, like Alaea and Hiwa Kai crystals from Hawaii.
Australian carrier Qantas on Monday announced it has reached a proposed agreement with the Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA).
The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) said talks had "hit a brick wall" and the work stoppage was the first in a series of possible actions that are set to include 48-hour work stoppages.
Australian carrier Qantas on Tuesday said it will ground two Boeing 767 aircraft on Monday due to industrial action by the Australian Licenced Engineers Association (ALAEA).
Originally for ceremonial use, HAWAIIAN RED SALT (2)--white sea salt with 'alaea clay added-is gaining a following with cooks for its brick red color and earthy flavor.
A natural mineral called "alaea" (volcanic baked red clay) is added to it.
(ALAEA) have reached an agreement, bringing to a close one of the most bitter disputes in Australian aviation history.
Australian carrier Qantas on Monday said that the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) cancelled strikes on Monday.