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ALAGAnimal Liberation Action Group
ALAGAlagnak Wild River (US National Park Service)
ALAgAdaptive and Learning Agents (workshop)
ALAGAngry Little Asian Girl (cartoon)
ALAGAbundant Life Assembly of God (est. 1985; North Salt Lake, UT)
ALAGArmy Laboratory Assessment Group
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C'est dans cette optique que Meriem Alag a voulu centrer son travail.
ALAG have a had PS20,000 a year pledged to them by Aintree Parish Council to run their "vital resource.
At his yard in Dunakeszi's Alag training complex, Overdose's charismatic and instantly likeable trainer Sandor Ribarszki recalls the moment when he realised he had something special on his hands.
LIVING up to its tagline of Alag Che ( it's different), the Bigg Boss season 6 now has a second house on the same premises in Lonavala beyond Mumbai where the first one is located.
NextBio's Vice President of Engineering, Satnam Alag explains, "USC users of NextBio Enterprise can access our APIs, import unlimited amounts of their own data, and interpret it in the context of our semantically integrated library to make novel insights.
Host Salman Khan has been promoting Bigg Boss 6 as Alag chhe , highlighting that this season is " different in concept and will be suitable for the family audience".
This suite of NextBio applications on SciVerse demonstrates how NextBio technology and APIs can be leveraged to build a variety of useful applications," said Satnam Alag, NextBio Vice President of Engineering.
Kapil ki baat hi alag hai ( he is different)," he said.
She went on to quote an idiom in Hindi -- haathi ke khane aur dikhane ke daant alag- alag hote hain -- to underline the " double standards" of Nitish vis- a- vis his relation with the BJP on one hand and his stand on secular politics on the other.
PARIKSHIT Sahni is back on TV after a long time and will be seen in the soap Hum Dono Hai Alag Alag .