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ALAKApplied Linguistics Association of Korea (Seoul, Korea)
ALAKAdherent Lymphokine-Activated Killer Cell (immunology)
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Speaking to Cihan news agency, Alak stated that he has many royal customers from many parts of the world from the US to Russia and some just came to Turkey to buy tesbih from him.
Mr Alak estimated that of the 25 tonnes of diamonds produced annually, up to two per cent were synthetics.
Alak Manna (a), Sritama De Sarkar (a), Soumita De (a), Ajay K Bauri (b), Subrata Chattopadhyay (b), Mitali Chatterjee (a) *
El ministro de Justicia de la Nacion, Julio Alak, dijo que se investigara la relacion entre los robos y las protestas policiales.
They included Buddhist Lao ethnic groups and ethnic minority groups of Talieng, Alak, Oy, Lave and Makong, who adhere to traditional religious practices.
Oct 25: Kalon Alak Jigme met with Zhao Xingsong, the Chinese Ambassador in Delhi, and informed him that the Tibetan government had chosen Geneva as the venue and January 1989 as the time for the talks.
A two-day workshop is being held in collaboration between WFP and the High Committee for the Reform of the PDS in Baghdad followed by a meeting chaired by deputy PM and chairman of the High Commission for the Poverty Reduction Strategy, Dr Roz Nuri Shawees with the members of the commission and the High Committee for the Reform of the PDS, headed by the Secretary General for the Council of Ministers Ali Muhsen Al Alak.
Pocos ostentan exitos ejecutivos: Juan Manzur, Ministro de Salud, fue elegido vicegobernador de Tucuman y solo ejercio durante un breve periodo; Arturo Puriccelli, Ministro de Defensa, fue gobernador de Santa Cruz entre 1983 y 1987; y Julio Cesar Alak, Ministro de Justicia y Derechos Humanos, fue varias veces intendente de la ciudad de La Plata (capital de la Provincia de Buenos Aires).
Pour la realisation de ce feuilleton, Lakhdar Boukhars a sollicite des acteurs experimentes comme Hakim Dekkar, Kamel Bouakaz, Mourad Chaabane, Rachid Zaghmi, Farid Rockeur, Houari du trio Amjad d'Oran, Hicham Mesbah, Omar Thayri, Salim Alak, Hamza Faghouli et beaucoup d'autres jeunes comediens qui prendront part a cette belle aventure pour debattre de plusieurs thematiques de l'heure.
s confusion, Artaud inserts a footnote to this block of syllables: "Si tout cela ne plait pas on peut choisir comme titre une seule de ces phrases, par exemple: MOMAR UNI ou GONPAR ARAK ALAK ELI, qui veut dire: as-tu compris?
De tal forma, el ministro de Justicia, Julio Alak, declaro el miercoles 5 que si la Camara pretendia extender mas alla del 7 de diciembre la medida cautelar, eso supondria "un alzamiento contra una ley de la nacion, y generaria un conflicto de poderes".
Alak Sharma, who has 18-month-old twin boys at the nursery, said: "The reason we campaigned so hard was because the nursery is excellent and the staff are excellent.