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ALAPAs Late As Possible (project management constraint)
ALAPAs Long As Possible
ALAPAppleTalk Link Access Protocol
ALAPAs Low As Possible
ALAPAs Low As Practical
ALAPAs Loud As Possible (band)
ALAPAmerican Linguistic Atlas Project (University of Georgia)
ALAPAcquisition Law Advisory Panel
ALAPAxle Lift Air Pressure
ALAPAs Little As Possible
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Alap employs fiber optics, LOS wireless and NLOS Wi-Max technologies to extend its services.
Much of Ung's music incorporates voices, such as Spiral II (1989), Grand Alap (1996), and Spiral XI (2007).
Here the author, drawing on his earlier work on dhrupad (the predecessor and classical model for contemporary genres), traces the transformation of early alapa to desi alapti to dhrupad alap and shows a plausible series of steps by which modern alap developed.
The mood was very introverted during the lengthy alap introduction, Anindya taking time to explore the silences between notes.
ALAP expects to revise two of its highly regarded products, ShadowCaster and XPert Tools, for InDesign, as well as develop a new suite of plug-ins.
The evolution of the instrumental alap (surprisingly, the term Miner encountered in the manuals is "jor," which, in present practice, refers to the pulsed section within the entire alap) is plausibly reconstructed from skeletal notations and written commentary.
Many designers rely on these powerful XTensions modules (formerly known as Quark ALAP XPert Tools Pro) in their workflows.
By making XPert Scale and XPert Layers available as stand alone XTensions, we can now provide those users that only need access to a scaling tool or a layering tool exactly the solution they need," says Paul Schmitt, president of ALAP.
Each wedge-heeled, flared-loon peach is preceded by a short "invocation", a sequence where Jenkins uncovers the theme of the song, improvising as if he were creating an opening alap section for an Indian raga.
Paris, Centre de philosophie politique et juridique, 1989, 1 alap.