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ALAPAs Little As Possible
ALAPAs Late As Possible (project management constraint)
ALAPAs Long As Possible
ALAPAppleTalk Link Access Protocol
ALAPAs Low As Possible
ALAPAs Lazy As Possible
ALAPAs Low As Practical
ALAPAs Loud As Possible (band)
ALAPAmerican Linguistic Atlas Project (University of Georgia)
ALAPAcquisition Law Advisory Panel
ALAPAxle Lift Air Pressure
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The ALAP Project has been developed strictly under the geolinguistic method (CARDOSO, 2010), taking as a reference the Linguistic Atlas of Brazil project (CARDOSO et al.
The MCP (Modified Critical Path) algorithm [9] uses the ALAP of the nodes as the priority.
Grand Alap is written for one amplified female cello player and one male percussionist, each of whom has a vocal part attached to their instrumental parts.
br, en el link del Congreso de la ALAP o contactando a la Coordinacion Tecnica del evento, via e-mail alaporg@abep.
In a longer and more elaborate alap, such as one can hear today in the dhrupad style of North Indian classical music, the octave might be unfolded in several stages, introducing successively higher pitches before the upper octave is reached.
Implementing agency : Mdiaszolgltats - tmogat s Vagyonkezelo Alap
Thomas, from Whit church, Cardiff, told the Echo he would love to do alap of honour draped in the Red Dragon.
Para ratificar este nombramiento y darle posesion oficial del cargo, vinieron a nuestro pais Joao Firme de Oliveira, secretario general de la ALAP, y el presidente del Consejo de Representantes Latinoamericanos de dicha Asociacion, Pablo Brana.
The mood was very introverted during the lengthy alap introduction, Anindya taking time to explore the silences between notes.
Here the author, drawing on his earlier work on dhrupad (the predecessor and classical model for contemporary genres), traces the transformation of early alapa to desi alapti to dhrupad alap and shows a plausible series of steps by which modern alap developed.