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The most compelling evidence for this supposition is the formal structure of the alapa, which can be recognized as a generative process: a process by which this melody--and an infinite number of similar melodies in different modes--could be constructed or reconstructed in performance, without reference to notation of any kind.(16) The process might be summarized as: start from the tonic, ascend to the 5th, return to the tonic; repeat the process with extension to the octave and more elaboration; repeat the whole with variations of detail.
The almost exact repetition of B1 as B2--which is typical of a particular group of Sarngadeva's alapa melodies--might be the result of copying out once the first half of the melody was notated (note, however, that A2 has a variant beginning as compared with Al).
Then you must be missing some things you used to do and enjoyed before you became the Alapa?
That is how I see my being the Alapa. I am here on a mission and the mission is very clear; the mission is to ensure Okin-Apa is transformed to a bigger town which other towns would see as a model, in terms of growth and development.
In his remarks, President, Ibadan Chamber of Commerce, Ismail Alapa, told the Olubadan that they were in his palace to familiarise with him stating that since the new executive came on board, they have not visited him.
Year Round Comprehensive Dance Program classical ballet focus, all ages & abilities welcome, wwwwhdtorg Wea Hawaii Island GYROTONIC[R] Teacher Training Facility 74-5626 Alapa St, Kailua-Kona, HI (808) 329-8876
THE Alapa kingdom is one of the kingdoms in Awori part of Yoruba land which actually has its extraction from the southwest and the neighbouring nations.
NIGERIA Customs Service has made a seizure of 8,413 bags of 50kg smuggled imported rice and 524 units of 25litre-keg of groundnut oil at Onikan village, along Kishi road off Alapa in Mooro local government area of Kwara state.
Alapa is a food commonly savoured in western Nigeria.
He revealed that 'the kitchen is not only of Yoruba foods, but of essentials, of those rare Yoruba meals- ekuru, egbo, alapa, kati, akara agbado, akara, dodo, moinmoin elemi meje-, with different soups that are autonomous to Yoruba.
When we got to Ayegun, we took a bike to Alapa Community where he lived.
He said that others were arrested around Taiwo Road, Adeta area and Laolu Unit in the Ilorin metropolis, adding that some other suspects were arrested at Alapa and Morakinde compound in Oyun local government for electoral offences including snatching and destruction of election materials.