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ALARPAs Low as Reasonably Practicable (health and safety)
ALARPAs Low as Reasonably Possible
ALARPAdvanced Language Arts Research and Presentation
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precisely how a general duty of care (that is, an ALARP requirement)
215) Such a ban turned out to be eminently sensible and entirely consistent with the application of the traditional DC principle of ALARP.
I see no alternative but to report to the secretary of state that the Nimrod fleet should not fly until the ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable) standards are met.
Developing risk matrices, demonstrating ALARP, safety targets, the value of presenting a fatality, and tools and techniques for assessments are discussed.
To limit the social risks, there are many criteria such as ALARP, Risk Matrix, F-N curve, PLL (Potential Loss of Life), FAR (Fatal Accident Rate), VIIH (Value of Injuries and Ill Health), ICAF (Implied Cost of Averting a Facility) and LQI (Life Quality Index) etc.
DSRL is responsible for management of the delivery process from specification to final acceptance of the compliant delivered product; Right first time safety case and peer review products consistent with safe and timely achievement of Interim End State; Proportionality, Product scope to be consistent with assessed risk (both explicit and bounded); Holistic application of ALARP.
First, if an operator wants to use a procedure or standard that falls short of good and prudent practice, the regulator can reject it as not meeting the general duty of the ALARP standard.
Below this line, the ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) principle is applied to reduce risk.