ALARRAir Launched Air-Recoverable Rocket
ALARRAir Launched Recoverable Rocket
ALARRAirlift Arrival
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Bea Romo, Mom Sonja Alarr Sid Ronsen, Carol Ronsen Tom Beyer Robert Romo, Gloria Ronsen Lena Gwendolyn Hill Dad, Smart Gapper Hubert Hodgin Capable Jamey Hood Gilbert Romo, Beverly Ronsen Olivia Killingsworth The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip" is purportedly for ages 6 and up, and in fighting to fit the old cliche "6 to 60," it ends up a hybrid that doesn't comfortably connect on any level.
Sonja Alarr does a shrilly entertaining parody ("It's a Miracle"), but she also seems stereotypical, a gag rather than a person.