ALASETAmerican Lung Association Sacramento Emigrant Trails
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Besides ALASET, other co-authors of the report are: University of California at Los Angeles, UCLA School of Public Health, Health and Media Research Group; Hollywood Health and Society, University of Southern California, Norman Lear Center; and UCLA School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine.
For more about ALASET, call 916-444-5864 or visit http://www.
ALASET and its Youth Advisory Board, consisting of youth who review the movies for tobacco content, have found that much of the tobacco use in movies is unrealistic and not historically based.
ALASET has also been on the forefront of solving the pollution problem in Sacramento, which traditionally ranks in the top 10 dirtiest metropolitan areas in the U.
The Hackademy Awards were begun in 1996 by ALASET as a fun way to bring to light a serious problem -- how tobacco use by movie stars entices teenagers to pick up the habit.