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ALATEENAlcoholics Anonymous for Teens
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Al-Anon and Alateen are non-professional, self-supporting non-political and multi-racial.
For yourself though,please contact Alateen on 020 7403 0888.
In contrast, other AA Insiders frequently have spouses who are AA members or family members who participate in Al-Anon or Alateen, satellite organizations of AA that help the families of recovering alcoholics.
I could not allow these twelve-step programs of Alcoholics Anony-mous, Al-Anon, and Alateen to have their reputations dishonoured in case there is anyone in the reading audience who needs help to stop drinking alcohol, or to learn how to live in peace with a drunken spouse, friend, relative, or parent.
La mayoria son co-dependientes que deben someterse a tratamiento para resolver su propio comportamiento adictivo, ojala de manera conjunta con el adicto institucionalizado, y tambien mediante el apoyo de grupos de autoayuda de doce pasos para familiares tales como Al Anon, Alateen, Naranon, Narateen, CODA.
The charity also provides help for the families of alcoholics through its agency Al-anon and teenagers through Alateen.
Also makes referrals to Alateen groups, which offer support to children of alcoholics.
Patients exposed to alcoholism or alcohol abuse in the home may benefit from being referred to community-based support groups such as Al-Anon, Alateen, and Adult Children of Alcoholics.
They may not know that there are groups for COAs and adult children of alcoholics (called COA or ACOA groups), and they may not have heard about AlAnon or Alateen.
Al-Anon Family Groups, a fellowship for friends and relatives of alcoholics, and Alateen have scheduled daytime activities, including meetings and workshops at the Marriott Rivercenter.
They also run Alateen for teenagers up to the age of 17.
There is some individual and group therapy, and "we have support through Alateen.