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He was, as always, pugilistic and excited, saying he wanted to publish the research in a pamphlet to be called "Putin and the War,'' about President Vladimir Putin and Russian involvement in the Ukraine conflict, recalled Yevgenia Albats, the editor of New Times magazine.
aasta detsembris Lati valisministeeriumi peasekretar Hermanis Albats ettepaneku nn Ida-Locamo kokkulepete solmimiseks.
Third row: Heidi Evans, Olive Talley, Arben KaIlamata,Yevgenia Albats, Sam Hurst.
"I'm just surprised that the guy was such an idiot," Russian investigative journalist Yevgenia Albats, who penned a book on the KGB, ( told the New York Times .
There is also a similar passage in a book by a Harvard researcher Yeygenia Albats "The State within a State: the KGB and its hold on Russia...".
Besides levelling allegations of corruption against the Gandhis, Gurumurthy quoted a book, The State Within a State: The KGB and its Hold on Russia- Past Present, and Future, by Yevgenia Albats, an investigative journalist, to make more scurrilous charges against the late Rajiv Gandhi.
In Moscow Times last March, Russian commentator Evgenia Albats wrote that Putin's ideology is "one of extreme statism pragmatically married to a market economy." The word for that is fascism.
Bill Powell and Yevgenia Albats, "The End of the Miracle: The Inside Story of How a Handful of Businessmen and Politicians Brought Russia to Its Knees", Newsweek, 26 January 1999.
My friend Yevgenia Albats, the most intrepid woman I know, has made her reputation covering the K.G.B.
Perestroika was sweeping Russia in 1987 when journalist Yevgenia Albats accepted an assignment to investigate crimes of the dreaded KGB.
"The situations around the male question in this country and in the States are quite different," said Eugenia Albats, political writer for the independent newspaper Moscow News.