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ALBATROSSAntarctic Large-Scale Box Analysis and the Role of the Scotia Sea
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And a good south wind sprung up behind; The Albatross did follow, And every day, for food or play, Came to the mariners' hollo!
From the fiends, that plague thee thus!-- Why look'st thou so?"--With my cross-bow I shot the ALBATROSS.
But there are other instances where this whiteness loses all that accessory and strange glory which invests it in the White Steed and Albatross.
But some time after, I learned that goney was some seaman's name for albatross. So that by no possibility could Coleridge's wild Rhyme have had aught to do with those mystical impressions which were mine, when I saw that bird upon our deck.
How to return the dog to Captain Kellar?--was the next question; for the Albatross was bound on to New Zealand.
Then on they gladly sailed, the albatross following, until one day the Ancient Mariner, in a mad moment, shot the beautiful bird.
That self-same moment, he found that he could pray, and the albatross, which his fellows in their anger had hung about his neck, dropped from it, and fell like lead into the sea.
He picked up with an old stumpy-tailed albatross, who told him that Kerguelen Island was the very place for peace and quiet, and when Kotick went down there he was all but smashed to pieces against some wicked black cliffs in a heavy sleet-storm with lightning and thunder.
Three birdies after his first albatross since playing at Nairn Dunbar as a youngster left him tied third, one off leaders Sepp Straka and Joel Dahmen.
Fisher alum Scott Socha, president of parks and resorts at Delaware North Companies, is the keynote speaker for The Albatross Project.
Sandersi and the Royal Albatross are not closely related genetically, they are very similar in body type.