ALBCAmerican Livestock Breeds Conservancy
ALBCAbraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
ALBCAbundant Life Baptist Church (various locations)
ALBCAntibiotic-Loaded Bone Cement (orthopedic surgery)
ALBCAssociation of Louisiana Bass Clubs (est. 1970)
ALBCAutomated Liquid-Based Cytology (medical testing)
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Steven Moise, ALBC's Research & Technical Program director, said the work being done at facilities such as Berlin Farms is important and the farm's website includes the following statement by ALBC Executive Director Charles R.
Because of this, ALBC was anxious to preserve the sheep's genetic materials before their new environments began to influence the traits that made the breed so unique, including hardiness, foraging skill, and reproductive efficiency.
In fact, ALBC observes, agriculture's "unwanted breeds" increasingly hold much of the genetic diversity in livestock.
Many of the schools registered for the Teach-In have also signed on to be designated Lincoln Legacy schools, having mounted Lincoln-related projects, using the lesson plans and resources featured on the ALBC web site, and showcasing the colorful Lincoln Bicentennial poster and lesson guide available free to participating classrooms.
If you need more information on selecting breeders, the ALBC has some great articles and books on selecting and raising turkeys, some of which you can download for free.
Milking Shorthorn: While there are several thousand of this breed, the ALBC is concerned at the rapid decrease in their numbers, which has been directly linked to the bioengineering of breeds for commercial milk-production.
Originating in Ireland, this breed is exceedingly rare in the United States, which worries the ALBC.
ALBC began an investigation into the Marsh Tacky horse breed through a lead given to ALBC's technical advisor, Dr.
If the Marsh Tacky was indeed a strain of these genetically significant horses, then their conservation would become a priority for ALBC.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fixing of 30 KVA (40 KVA) Diesel Generator for power supply to ALBC Division at Almatti Dam Site.
Parameters of Livestock Breeds on the ALBC Conservation Priority List (2007)
ALBC conducted a census during the winter of 2002-2003.