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ALBERTAgent-Oriented Language for Building and Eliciting Requirements for Real-Time Systems
ALBERTAcoustic and Laryngeal Biofeedback Enhancement Real Time (vocal development)
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They must be strengthened, Albert,'' replied Mont-Fitchet, ``they must be strengthened.
She desired overwhelmingly that he should win, that he should not be hurt, that he should sweep triumphantly over Albert Parsons as he had swept over Ted Pringle.
Unfortunately, it was evident, even to her, that he was being hurt, and that he was very far from sweeping triumphantly over Albert Parsons.
I want to do the thing decent," said Albert Price, "but there's no use wasting money.
When they came out Albert Price asked Philip to lunch with him.
I want it put in the name of Albert Peter Smallways; that's the name I'm going to edop'.
And later in the day an extremely shattered and disorganised Bert Smallways stood in the presence of the Prince Karl Albert.
It will all have to be done over again if I let Albert go for a moment, so, gripping him hard, I shout indignantly that I have not seen the carrot-grater.
asks the voice, and the door-handle is shaken just as I shake Albert.
So he had Lieutenant Albert Werper carried to his own tent, and there slaves administered wine and food in small quantities until at last the prisoner regained consciousness.
Oz luck would have ut, he was away across the island tull a christenun' when Albert Mahan arrives home onexpected, hus shup just docked ot Dublin.
That was the Grange, remarked Albert, over his shoulder, and then he jammed the brake on, and the motor slowed down and stopped.