ALBLAssociation of Levee Boards of Louisiana
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Thus, his claims about James 5:17-21, which he denies refers to a religious ritual for bodily healing, might have profited from the analysis of Martin Albl, "Are Any Among You Sick?: The Health Care System in the Letter of James," Journal of Biblical Literature 121 (2002): 123 43.
'"For Whenever I am Weak, Then I Am Strong': Disability in Paul's Epistles," by Martin Albl, explores Paul's experiences with, and teaching about, disabilities in his documents in Christian Scriptures.
(8.) Brunori EHFR, Cavalcante AMRZ, Lopes CT, Lopes JL, Barros ALBL. Tabagismo, consumo de alcool e atividade fisica: associates na sindrome coronariana aguda.
* Eric Albl, Herrin, was ticketed for operating an uninsured motor vehicle.