ALCASAAluminio del Caroni, S.A.
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Trino Silva, secretary-general of the Alcasa union, has long denounced the inefficiency and corruption that has prevented Alcasa from realizing its profitable potential.
"What we need first is a factory that is productive," said Silva in an interview last November at Alcasa. "Today the company is becoming productive, but it must not only be productive, but also profitable.
Worker complaints of unpaid wages and government negligence have been growing for months at iron and aluminum makers Carbonorca, Venalum, Bauxilum and Alcasa, and at the Sidor steel mills, all of which were nationalized by Chavez in 2008.
Alcasa, a state-owned aluminum processing plant in the southeastern state of Bolivar, has long been an important employer in a region where the lion's share of Venezuela's mining and processing plants are located.