ALCATAntigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test
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The authors concluded that CBP technique and the ALCAT diet was successful in treating thoracic subluxations associated with GERD.
The ALCAT Test, used by physicians for over 10 years, electronically measures changes in white blood cells and platelets in vitro to identify reactions to a variety of food extracts, additives, chemicals, and other substances.
The ALCAT is therefore a valuable tool for practitioners for identifying dietary and environmental triggers of inflammation.
Figure 6 Outcome Study in 353 Consecutive Patients Following the ALCAT Diet Plan Perennial Main Rhinitis/ Atopic Urti- Irri- Complaints Sinusitis Eczema caria table Colon (n=37) (n=72) (n=24) (n=46) Symptoms Greatly 30 63 19 32 Improved Improved 5 5 1 8 Little or No 1 2 2 5 Improvement Worsening 2 2 1 No Followup 1 Total 95 94 83 87 Improved % Multo- Migraine/ Polyar- Angio- organic Main Headache throsis Asthma edema syndrome Complaints (n=21) (n=20) (n=27) (n=27) (n=40) Symptoms 20 14 19 19 21 Greatly Improved Improved 3 7 2 9 Little or No 1 2 1 5 Improvement Worsening 3 No Followup 1 2 Total 95 85 96 100 75 Improved %
The test is based on the addition of food extracts to a chamber contained within an electrical circuit completed by the patient * Applied kinesiology (based on muscle weakness) * Auricular cardiac reflex testing (based on pulse rate) * ALCAT * IgG measurements
ALCAT offers a Molds Panel that looks for intolerances and sensitivities to about 20 different molds using a blood test.
To the Editor: Since we are constantly consulted about the reliability and appropriateness of the ALCAT and IgG food allergy tests, we provide the following information for readers of the journal and the public.
Pasula is the author of multiple US and international patents on food sensitivity testing technologies, including his work over 30 years ago when he wrote the first patent on the original ALCAT technology.
Nature of services - Coverage study,- The wiring of the antennas,- The implementation of the antennas connected to the current Autocom ALCAT.
The only test that meets these criteria is the ALCAT (antigen leukocyte cellular antibody test).
Sasol Olefins&Surfactants (O&S) announced today that it has reached an important milestone in the expansion of its capabilities with the production of its new ALCAT TEAL highly purified tri-ethyl aluminium product.