ALCBAlberta Liquor Control Board
ALCBAssociation of Latvian Commercial Banks
ALCBAmerican Legion Community Band (Warren County, VA)
ALCBAll Lutheran Church of Brussels
ALCBAlliance and Leicester Commercial Bank
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All alcohol (except domestic beer) had to be purchased from suppliers, who distributed their products through Connect Logistics, which operates the old ALCB warehouse in St.
In Alberta, political culture and history were also significant factors in the Klein government's policy decision to liquidate the ALCB, as well as its decision as to how to structure the new private marketplace.
The decision to privatize the ALCB was, perhaps most importantly, a policy shift that was congruent with simple populist common sense: why should government be in a business that could easily be performed by the private sector?
Timing and sequencing of changes at the ALCB and the LCBO
The ALCB and the LCBO share a common early history.
The ALCB and the LCBO continued to distribute and regulate the consumption of alcohol throughout much of the post-war period.
The ALCB, interestingly (and ironically) enough, was a reasonably effective and efficient retailer in comparison to its Ontario counterpart.
By December 1990, for example, the government had licensed 13 wine and 27 cold beer stores, in addition to the 212 ALCB stores and 497 "off-sale" locations already in existence in the province.
He researched, planned and ultimately implemented both the elimination of the old ALCB infrastructure and the structure of the new liquor distribution regime.
Both systems are great improvements on what preceded them--the old ALCB network and an unreformed LCBO--and both provide customers with a wide selection of products at reasonable prices.
It is excellent news for us because ALCB has recognised thatwe deliver the very best levels of service in our industry as demonstrated by our speed, flexibility and personal touch.