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ALCMair launched cruise missile (US DoD)
ALCMAssociation of Lutheran Church Musicians
ALCMAssociate in Loss Control Management (insurance)
ALCMAssociate of the London College of Music
ALCMAssociated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts
ALCMActivity-Level Classification Model
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To thwart an attack by ALCMs, US forces should prevent Chinese bombers (H-6s and JH-7s) from reaching the maximum launch range of their most likely weapons--323 nm.
European industry is capable of designing and producing global positioning system-inertial navigation system (GPS-INS) kits, ALCMs, LGBs, and IFRF aircraft.
This created an immediate worry -- the risk of aircrew being shot down and held prisoner as in Vietnam -- so some planners began to look at the possibility of developing a conventionally armed version of the ALCM.
This risk was somewhat mitigated by incrementally enhancing the defensive suite during aircraft production and by adding the ALCM, which provided a standoff capability that would not require the B-1B to penetrate enemy defenses.
The AUP has also been selected for the Boeing AGM-86D ALCM (air-launched cruise missile), discussed later.
This contract is a testament to the ALCM team s expertise and commitment to support national security.
2] the Tomahawk ALCM, designed in the 1970s and utilizing the fairly simple low-observable technologies then available, has an RCS of less than 0.
The long-range cruise missile category is at present dominated by the Boeing AGM-86 ALCM, which is turbofan-powered and carries a 150 kT warhead over a distance of up to 2500 km.
degree in both Business Administration and Occupational Safety & Health from Illinois State University, and holds both CPCU and ALCM professional designations.
Heavy lifting tasks can also cause the flow of blood in the body to be altered which can affect the fetus," ASSE member and Practice Specialty Administrator Linda Tapp, ALCM, CSP, of Cherry Hill, NJ, said in her report titled 'Maintaining the Safety and Health of a Diverse Workforce.
Lupinetti, CPCU, ALCM, AIM, CSP, Secretary - Loss Control Franklyn T.