ALCMSAirfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System (also seen as ALCS)
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The other significant challenge to the ALCMS project was installing the duct bank for the new fibre-optic communication cable running between all the system nodes, including the control tower, electrical vaults and maintenance building.
One area where the new ALCMS system will benefit the airport is the open-architecture design that offers easy integration of the latest technology.
With the help of an ALCMS maintenance computer, which provides real-time and historical information regarding the status of the airfield lighting, maintenance staff can quickly diagnose, repair and maintain the system.
Under the contract, ADB will provide and install equipment and systems that support a CAT II airfield, comprising airfield ground lighting (AGL), power solutions like CCR (Constant Current Regulator), ALCMS (Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System) which will enable Basra airport s maintenance staff to monitor AGL remotely, and improve operational and cost efficiency, in addition to ease maintenance.