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The 46th RS was re-designated the 72nd RS on 13 Oct 1947 and transferred from SAC to ALCOM.
Also of importance is that the commander of ALCOM is the lieutenant general who commands 11th Air Force.
However, a significant seam is now obvious at the operational level when it comes to ALCOM and JTF-AK.
USNORTHCOM's mechanism to conduct its mission in this region is the provisional JTF-AK--which contributes minimally to the resourcing of the joint headquarters--and thus JTF-AK is totally reliant on ALCOM to conduct its mission.
The problem can be resolved by dissolving the JTF-AK organization, assigning its responsibilities and resources to ALCOM, and then making this "new" ALCOM a subunified command under USNORTHCOM, while leaving forces in Alaska assigned to USPACOM.
Reorganizing ALCOM under USNORTHCOM would make for a better arrangement to address national security interests.
Under a license agreement, ALCOM also manufacturers Polaris branded aluminum trailers sold by many Polaris dealers.
The experienced team at HFC recognized the opportunity ahead of ALCOM and provided a perfect combination of experience and enthusiasm for the partnership.
Alcan is pleased to further reinforce our strategic relationship with ALCOM and demonstrate our commitment to meeting the increasing demands for value-creating and quality light gauge aluminum products in Southeast Asia," said Martha Brooks, President Alcan Rolled Products Americas and Asia.
The ALCOM operation has an extensive capability for coating light gauge rolled products - a process that enhances performance and aesthetics of its foil used in air conditioning.
In support of ALCOM projects and programs, Trivium Technologies plans to utilize the technical resources of ALCOM to test the Trivium Diodic Lens that is currently being developed.
ALCOM is a consortium of Kent State University, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Akron.