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"To ensure health and welfare of minors and to remind retailers on the ethical sale of alcoholic beverages, the DOH-FDA is sternly reminding all retailers to refrain from the promotion and selling of alcoholic beverages, especially alcopops to minors," they said.
Pia Cayetano called for the pullout of alcopops, expressing alarm over its availability to minors.
Lambino said the proposal on alcopop drinks was raised during a meeting of the DOF and the Department of Health (DOH) where they discussed their proposed measure for the 18th Congress that will raise the excise taxes on alcoholic beverages.
Alcopops, which are sweeter than most alcoholic drinks and therefore more palatable for teenagers, have been widely blamed for fuelling binge drinking.
A council spokesman said: "Action was taken under the Food Label Regulations 1996 for removal of best before dates on 169 bottles of lager, alcopops and flavoured water and this was the second time Mr Sahni had been prosecuted this year for an offence of this nature.
Everything about the marketing of alcopops, from the design of the bottles to the chemicals which create the taste inside them, are designed to lure youngsters.
The Tories unveiled plans yesterday for big tax rises on alcopops and strong beers blamed for fuelling youngsters' binge drinking.
Mr Osborne said the measures would "target younger drinkers" and could cut consumption of alcopops in half.
Discussion of the subject of underage drinking before a California State Senate committee in March focused a great deal on youths' attraction to alcopops, the bottled alcoholic beverages with packaging that resembles that of lemonade, iced tea, or soft drinks.
Gut-turningly saccharine, brashly flavoured and with a luminous colour more suited to nuclear fusion, alcopops swept through the country from the mid-1990s lowering the age of alcoholic consumption.
Adrian Pearson, 34, of Stephen Street, Hartlepool, admitted stealing alcopops from a 17-year-old youth and a 15-year-old girl on Wednesday, October 27, last year.
The consumption was divided between 5.4 million litres of beer, 3.3 million litres of wine, 2.0 million litres of spirits and 0.2 million litres of alcopops.